Piano duets and trios (4 or 6 hands at one piano)

Carol Variations
Piano Duet

carol variations duet book 1

Special offer CHRISTMAS CAROL VARIATIONS FOR PIANO DUET BOOK 1: The 10 pieces below in one volume. Nearly 70 pages of new duet music to enjoy.

(NB These are re-arrangements of the original pieces, which for 2 pianos, 4 hands - see the 2 pianos section)
Not everyone has access to 2 instruments, and as the series of Christmas Carol variations for 2 pianos had been so well received, I decided to revisit the pieces, and re-work them into arrangements for piano duet. See below for details of the individual pieces. Book 1 contains the following pieces:
Infant Holy, Infant Lowly
video Deck the Halls and Boogie, Video I found of this and a video of my original version for 2 pianos, both being played in concerts in America
Zither Carol variations for "athletic piano duet"
God rest you Merry Gentlemen
We wish you a merry Christmas
Three Kings Blues
King Wenceslas Rumba
Away in a Manger in the Wild Wild West
video Ding Dong Glory Christmas Rag I found a video of my version of this for 2 pianos, 4 hands being played in a concert in America.
Silent Night / Stille Nacht

Book 2: (under construction!)
The First Noel Gymnopedie (Nov 2016)
Variations on O Little Town of Bethlehem for piano duet (Oct 2017)
Wassail Hiccup & Trip up for piano duet (Oct 2018)

Piano Duets

video  Bach/Vivaldi Concerto in A minor (Arr. Peberdy) piano duet BWV593 (2011)
All 4 movements of this concerto, originally by Vivaldi, then re-arranged by Bach as an organ concerto, and now by me as a piano duet. Premiered on 27.10.13 at a concert in the palace of Hampton Court. I received a link to a video of a lovely performance of the first movement given by 2 twin sisters in Slovakia.
Bach/Ernst Concerto IV in C major BWV 595 (Arr. Peberdy) piano duet (April 2014)
A concerto that Bach took from Ernst and re-arranged for organ, so I have taken it and re-arranged it again, this time for piano duet.
Tritsch Tratsch Polka (Strauss, Arr. Peberdy) athletic piano duet (April 2014)
Arranged for "athletic piano duet" - you have been warned. If you don't know your duet partner well, you will after this.
video Chopin in Brazil, piano duet (June 2014)
Chopin's melancholy prelude in E minor transformed into an driving, energetic samba. At least, I think it's a samba! Premiered in 2014 at Dartington International Summer School (Video on Youtube)
"Sweet Dream"(Tchaikovsky, Arr. Peberdy) piano duet (April 2014)
A piece that many will recognise from their piano lessons (from Childrens Album Op39 No21) in a new arrangement for piano duet.
Beethoven Bagatelle op119, no1 (Arr. Peberdy) piano duet  (March 2014)
Another favourite in pieces in piano lessons, now in a new duet arrangement.
Walking in the Air arranged for piano duet
Theme from "The Snowman" by Howard Blake
(Used with permission)
The Silver Rag (piano duet) (Oct 1988)
This piece for the 25th wedding anniversary celebrations of my parents I wrote when I was a teenager. Maybe I will re-visit this someday to improve the readability of it - NB this is an old score, not great quality, and only made available here because I was asked if it could be. It may be updated some time!

Piano Trios
(3 players, 6 hands)

Galloptrio Gallop, an "athletic trio" for 6 hands at 1 piano (March 2016)
"For piano, SIX hands, this involves the players changing seats as it proceeds. This is not just a circus trick; the music is arresting and interesting for all the players and listeners. There are well judged contrasts in texture and tonality which prevent the music from becoming too thick or indigestible." (Andrew Wilson, Director of Studies, National College of Music, London)
A new, fun little piece that requires all 3 pianists to swap places 3 times, taking them in the end back to where they started (a non-athletic alternative is possible, remaining sedentary). The tune is catchy, and I apologise that you won't be able to get it out of your head! No dynamics are given, play it as you like - just have fun!
BacktoschoolStomp Back to School Stomp trio for piano 6 hands (Sept 2018)
Bach Fugue in G minor BWV542 arr piano duet (Sept 1991)
An arrangement I did years ago of Bach's famous G minor fugue from fantasia and fuge in G minor BWV542. It is an old arrangement, one of my first, and simply done. Made available here because I was asked if it could be!
Liberty Bell March (Sousa, Arr. Peberdy) trio for 6 hands at 1 piano (June 2014)
Fun for 3 people at 1 piano, (6 hands). If you've never tried playing a piece for 6 hands at one piano, then this is a must! It's the only Sousa march that isn't under copyright, it seems. That's apparently why it was taken as the theme tune for "Monty Python's Flying Circus".

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