Choral / vocal ("traditional" and "rhythmical")
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Special offer Complete Choral Works - a collection of anthems / liturgical music for choir by Simon Peberdy.
For those wanting to browse everything before purchasing multiple copies of single pieces for choir use, this collection can be purchased as a single item This 184 page collection contains 44 of the choral pieces written during Simon's time in Maria Alm, Austria between 2011 and 2018 (index below). Some are in English, some in German, and some in Latin. It contains works in "traditional" style as well as pieces for rhythmical choir and ladies' choir. (Simon Peberdy's songs for children's choir and his instrumental pieces are not included). Follow the link for more information.
SelectedChoralWorks Special offer Selected Choral Works - a collection of anthems / liturgical music for choir by Simon Peberdy.
For "traditional" choir. For those wanting to browse some pieces before purchasing multiple copies of single pieces for choir use, this collection can be purchased as a single item. It contains the followng pieces:
video Kyrie in E (June 2013) in Latin - Video (Leogang) Westfälischer Kammerchor
video The Lord's My Shepherd, I shall not want (Psalm 23) - Video, Salzburg Cathedral, Video (Leogang) Westfälischer Kammerchor German
video  Sanctus 2016 in Latin - Video (Leogang) Westfälischer Kammerchor
Psalm 96 Sing to the Lord a New Song German
Psalm 121 I will lift up mine eyes German
Veni Sancte Spritus (SATB March 2018)
Veni Creator Spiritus (SATB, March 2018)
Zu deinem Tisch sind wir geladen / Gabenbereitung German
Gott, wenn du uns segnest, or Lord, your gentle blessing draws us close to you German German
TheLordsMyShepherd video The Lord's My Shepherd, I shall not want (Psalm 23) (SATB & optional piano/organ, May 2016) German German
"This is a very heartfelt setting of the words of the 23rd Psalm. The text has been treated with careful attention to the natural stresses of the words and the vocal lines are interesting and grateful to sing. I was particularly struck by the imaginative use of varied phrase lengths that give a welcome rhythmic life to the words. A lovely motet that any choir would enjoy performing" (Andrew Wilson, award winning composer and Director of Studies, National College of Music, London.
This piece was a finalist in a choral competition run by the American music publishers, Hal Leonard in  2016. The feedback from the jury included "lilting sacred choral piece with good ebbs and flows in dynamics to add expression and meaning to the always comforting and familiar words of the 23rd Psalm", "Very accessible for church choirs, yet very beautiful melody. Would be an emotional piece well suited for Lent, funerals, graduations, or normal Sunday worship. ","Church choral directors would love to purchase this since it’s melodic yet learnable",  "Very applicable piece for any church choir".
Written in April 2016 for the Roland Rasser, Dechant at Saalfelden.. Premiered 28/08/16 in Saalfelden. Performed at a mass in Salzburg Cathedral (Video, Salzburg Cathedral) on 23/04/17. Another video, this time of the Westfälischer Kammerchor Iserlohn, in Leogang: Video (Leogang)
Mass in D, for the Consort, Saalfelden (up to 8 parts), Saalfelden (Dec 2011) (premiere 26.02.12)
An accessible mass setting (in Latin) for most semi-decent church choirs, and one that that falls lightly on the ears.

01 Kyrie in B minor (revamped in October 2015)
02 Gloria in A (8 voice choir) (not yet performed)
03 Sanctus in D
04 Benedictus
05 Hallelujah
06 Agnus Dei
Kinderchorsammlung / Songs for Children's Choir
Neue 2-stimmige Kirchenlieder for Kinderchor mit Gitarre/Klavierbegleitung, manche auch mit Blockflötenstimmen. Mit deutschem Text, manche auch auf Englisch.
18 New, easy church songs for children's choir, in German, but some with English versions. With piano/guitar accompadniment and some with recorder parts.

Psalm 96 Sing to the Lord a New Song (for SATB choir June 2017) German
An earlier version was premiered by the Consort in Saalfelden, 02.10.16, then the piece was radically overhauled and re-written in June 2017
Veni Sancte Spritus (SATB March 2018)
A setting of this Latin Pentecost text, commissioned by the "Liturgischer Consort, Saalfelden)
Veni Creator Spiritus (SATB, March 2018)
A second Pentecost anthem, commissioned by the "Liturgischer Consort, Saalfelden
video Sanctus 2016Video (Leogang) (in Latin, for SATB choir, May 2016)
Written for the Consort in Saalfelden, although the first performance was by the Westfälischer Kammerchor Iserlohn 28/07/17. Revised 2018.
Blessing in Disguise
A Blessing in Disguise (6 part SSATTB) (June 2011) German
A humorous slant on the more traditional Irish blessings, Written for the 50th birthday of a local choir director in Saalfelden. (Premiered 18.09.11)
Christmas piecesvideo Christmas Turkeys (6 part SSATTB) (Aug 2010) German
Another humorous close harmony song for the festive season. The text is a non-religious Christmas one. (Premiered by The Crowle Singers, 09.12.11).
Video Christmas Turkeys performance
Christmas pieces Veni Veni Emmanuel (6 part SSATTB) (Aug 2010)
A modern setting of this well-known Advent text. First performance by Cantaturi, 11.12.10.
Christmas pieces Come, Thou Redeemer (6 part SSATTB) (Aug 2010) German
An Advent text and a melody by Praetorius that is centuries old, but re-worked in this new arrangement. (Premiered by Cantaturi in Austria, 11.12.10. UK premiere by Crowle Singers, 04.12.15)
video Kyrie in E (June 2013) (SATB) (revised 2016)  Video (Leogang)
A fairly "schmaltzy" kyrie setting composed for the wedding of Alex Spitzy & Louisa, Gräfin von der Schulenburg 20.07.13 and premiered in the service by the Consort, Saalfelden. (Article in "Bunte" magazine about the wedding)
Werkzeug deines Friedens / Make me a Channel of Your Peace (Soprano solo, piano & optional flute)  German German
A new setting of the prayer of St. Francis, written in German originally in February 2014 as a Valentine's gift for my lovely wife, Justine, and sung by her at a mass in Maria Alm, Austria shortly afterwards.
Christmas piecesKomm, komm, du Morgenstern / Come, Come, Morning Star (November 2013), for Advent German German
Written for and first performed at a Rorate mass at 6am on a cold Advent morning. The opening figure in the piano accompaniment is the star shining in Bethlehem. (Premiere 21.12.13) (for piano, STB)
Christmas piecesAve Maria in B flat in German and English (STB with piano & optional flute) German German
A flowing, melodious setting of the annunciation. Composed for an Advent "Rorate" mass at 6am, and premiered at the mass on 21.12.13.
Christmas piecesAve Maria  (STB, piano & flute, April 2014, (in German and English. Mp3 is in German)  German German
Gloria in G (Ehre sei Gott in der Höhe) (in German, for women's voices) (SAA) German
The "Frauenchor" in Maria Alm is a ladies' choir of some repute. This is the first piece that I have written for them, but surely won't be the last!
I will lift up mine eyes
Psalm 121 I will lift up mine eyes German
A lilting setting of this psalm, written for a composition competition in June 2017, revised 2018
Zu deinem Tisch sind wir geladen / Gabenbereitung (offertory hymn for SATB choir, June 2016) German
Written for the Consort in Saalfelden.
Nostalgia Tango
video Nostalgia Tango, An Ode to Grumpy Old Men
For solo voice & piano.
Written for the 80th birthday of my Dad. A humourous view through rose-tinted spectacles of how things used to be. A video can be seen here.

Mass / Messe 3 voices (STB & piano / guitar) (April 2014)
Composed for a 3 voice choir "Dreiklang" as the setting for a mass in Maria Alm, and first sung shortly after its composition, in April 2014. Some of the pieces can be sung either in German or English. The mass consists of the following:
01 Kyrie in D for STB
02 (Glory to God / Ehre sei Gott) (in German/English. mp3 is in German)  German German
03 Psalm 34 (Kostet und seht / O taste and see) (in German/English. mp3 is in German)  German German
04 Gabenbereitung (Wir versammeln uns um Deinen Tisch) German

"Libera nos", words set to an arrangement of Chopin prelude April 2014

Choral / vocal ("rhythmical")
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Small Mass for "rhythmical choir" for SATB choir & piano with optional flutes & guitar
This mass setting was written for the village choir in Maria Alm, Austria, specially to cater for the needs of the choir. Some of the men in particular cannot read music, so the settings had to be simple, and easy to remember. The mass was premiered on 08.10.11 and consists of:
video 01 Kyrie (2011) in D (5 part SSATB, June 2011)) (Video "Kyrie in D")
video 02 Kyrie in B minor (SATB & optional 2 flutes,2011, re-arranged 2015) (listed in above section too) (Video Kyrie in B minor old version);t=3m10s2.09
video 03 Gloria in D (SATB plus piano, 2 flutes, June 2011) German (Video "Gloria in D" (old version)
video 04 Gabenbereitung / Offertory (SATB, optional piano/guitar & 2 flutes, "Große Liebe, Große Gnade" / "God's great love & God's great mercy") (Video "Gabenbereitung") German German
05 Sanctus (Heilig) in D (SATB plus piano/guitar, 2 flutes, June 2011) German
video 06 Agnus Dei (Lamb of God) (SATB plus piano & 2 optional flutes, June 2011) German (Video "Lamb of God")
(As a blessing at the end of the mass, see below for various possiblilities

Choral / vocal
"modern / rhythmical"

Heilig / Holy / Sanctus in F (SATB, piano & optional 2 flutes) with text both in English and German German German
A flowing, modern setting of the sanctus for SATB, piano, and 2 flutes, with very limited learning required on the part of the singers. Can be shortened by missing out the instrumental section. (Written for the wedding of Hans Jürgen & Katharina  and premiered at their wedding in June 2013 in Maria Alm church).

video The Lord's Prayer  (SATB, piano & optional 2 flutes, October 2013),  (Premiere 02/02/14) German
Another easy to learn piece for the village choir in Maria Alm, Austria, with the simlar feel to it as the sanctus (above), and again for SATB choir, piano, and 2 flutes (optional). It builds up to a powerful climax, before returning to a peaceful close. (Video "Lord's Prayer")
(for piano, SATB & 2 flutes (October 2013)

video Betet an (SATB, piano & optional 2 flutes, February 2014) German
Written for, and first performed at the confirmation service in Maria Alm, Austria in 2014. Again, written to suit the capabilities of the village choir. (Video "Betet an")

Heiliger Geist (SATB & piano, May 2014) German
A short, meditative piece, in a Taizé style, written for a confirmation service in Maria Alm, Austria.

Gospel Praise (SATB, solo soprano, piano & optional flute, May 2014) German
A setting of Psalm 96, written to try and have a change from "O Happy Day" which everyone seems to want! Needs a strong soloist who can get up to a held top A. Plenty of energy in this song. Bass guitar & drums might add a little something too, depending on the venue/occasion.This piece has yet to have its first airing (as far as I know) - you could give it its premiere!

video Gott segne dich / May God pour out His blessing (Blessing, in German for SATB & piano, June 2014) German German (Video "Gott segne dich")
"Gott sei mit seinem Segen täglich auf deinen Wegen". Written for the birthday of Maria Rinnerthaler, a lovely lady who organises the village church choir in Maria Alm, Austria. This piece exists in several formats (2 part, 3 part, and SATB). Only the 2 part arrangement has been sung in Maria Alm (as in the mp3 sample), though this link is to the pdf of the SATB arrangement. The text is in both German and English in the score.

Heilig 2014 (in A) (Sept 2014) German
for SATB, piano & 2 flutes

video Gloria in E 2015 (SATB, piano & optional flute, February 2015) German
A celebratory, rhythmical setting of the gloria. This one seemed to keep the village choir on its toes. Just when you think everything is stable, the time signature changes. The piece has been updated slightly since the mp3 recording. First performance at the wedding of Stefan Strasser to Magdalena Rinnerthaler, and dedicated to them. (Video "Gloria in E 2015")

video Gott, wenn du uns segnest, or Lord, your gentle blessing draws us close to you  (Blessing, SATB & optional piano, October 2015)  German German
A calming, flowing setting of a blessing text suitable for the end of a service, which can be sung unaccompanied or with the optional piano part. Written for a pilgrimage of teachers in Maria Kirchental and first performed the evening beforehand in Hinterthal on 18/10/15 with the "final" version printed just in time for the rehearsal before the service with some slick pencil work to make the necessary changes. Dedicated to Raphael and Jessica Rinnerthaler, (Video "Gott, wenn du uns segnest)

Sing to the Lord a New Song (SATB, piano & optional 2 flutes, September 2016)German
A rhythmical setting of Psalm 96 "Sing to the Lord" with a swing feel suitable for a gospel-type choir.

Jubilate Deo, (January 2017) a rhythmical setting for SATB gospel choir, piano, and 2 flutes (optional) German

Kyrie eleison (2016) (Oct 2017) an arrangement for SATB of a song originally for children's choir German

video Sanctus Calypso (Oct 2017) an arrangement for SATB of a song originally for children's choir Video of children's choir version German